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Lava Shells Massage Online

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Lava Shells Massage Online With Course Kit

Prerequisite to complete this course: You must hold a qualification of NVQ Level 3 body massage or equivalent.

Course Overview

The perfect introduction to Lava Shells. Our online courses can be taken at your own pace, allowing you to fit training in around working and practice as often as you wish, before you are required to submit two case studies along with assessment questions on your learning. We recommend a minimum of 8 hours to complete this course.

Seamlessly weaving together warmth and continual touch time on your client to transport them to a state of pure tranquillity and serenity. Our eco-friendly, non-porous shells become an extension of your hands, helping you to deliver deep, therapeutic relief precisely where your client needs it.

Your training kit includes enough to complete 6 full body treatments:

  • Online learning
  • Porcelain Tiger Clam Lava Shells x3
  • Sensory Retreats Divine Wellbeing Oil 30ml x3
  • Sensory Retreats Self-Heating Eye Mask x7
  • thermaBliss Mineral Sachets Body Level 1.0 x18

Upon Completion 

On the successful completion of this course, you will be able to add our Lava Shells Massage and Lava Shells Back Massage to your treatment menu, as well as adding a “Touch of Lava Shells” to your Swedish or Aromatherapy offering.

Treatment Descriptions

Lava Shells Massage - 60 minutes

A bespoke and indulgent massage delivering an idyllic treatment combining the warmth of Lava Shells with targeted and deeply relaxing massage techniques. During the massage, Lava Shells are worked over the arms and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress before concluding with a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck, and shoulder area to ease away tension, knots, and stress. An unforgettable and sublime spa experience.

Lava Shells Back Massage - 30 minutes

An intensely relaxing massage using the comforting heat of Lava Shells. Flowing massage, in slow deep moves, eases tension, releases knots, and melts away stress. Lava Shells warm and relax the muscles, delivering an intense and powerful targeted treatment.

A IPHM Certificate is awarded on completion of the course and submission of your case studies and Assessment Questions.