Established in 2009 by Clare Anderson, Shared Beauty Secrets is a family-run independent beauty business based in Oxfordshire. Clare and her team of spa-industry experts are passionate about developing and delivering world-class spa experiences; incorporating advanced therapeutic treatments, alongside fully accredited and industry recognised, professional training courses.

Shared Beauty Secrets has successfully trained over 10,000 therapists in treatments available at over 2000 spas salons in the UK and Ireland alone and enjoys a professional reputation that is second to none. Just some of the exclusive venues where Shared Beauty Secrets trained professionals can be found include the world-renowned Stoke Park Spa and Champneys Health resorts as well as throughout the Bannantyne’s chain. We’ve even made it as far as Necker Island!

Our professional training programmes include the highly acclaimed five senses Sensory Retreats experiences, including the signature Divine Escape massage. Sensory Retreats is an unforgettable journey of holistic wellbeing. A unique concept that includes indulgent treatments and products designed to harness all five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Ancient as well as modern massage and holistic techniques are integrated enabling therapists to be trained in delivering multi-sensory wellbeing experiences for their clients.

Shared Beauty Secrets is proud and committed in its pursuit of excellence and innovation. Developing an extensive world-renowned range of treatments, experiences, training courses and homecare products. Our mission is to continue to serve both the professional spa industry and the consumer market.


About Lava Shells

Shared Beauty Secrets is proud to be the exclusive distributor and trainer of self-heating and self-cooling Lava Shells in the UK and Ireland.

Discovered on a trip by Clare to the beautiful islands of Turks and Caicos in 2008, Lava Shells epitomises the ethos behind the brand. Expertly blending pioneering and innovative technologies with luxurious and indulgent, natural ingredients.

The Lava Shells Experience

Lava Shell’s are the world’s first self-heating massage tools, a patented all-natural, biodegradable heat technology that delivers continuous heat for up to one hour. They’re quickly becoming the most in-demand massage treatment in the UK right now.

The shells are naturally hygienic and non-porous so are the perfect social distancing massage tool for today’s safety-conscious climate.

Thanks to their unique shape, they become a natural extension of the therapist’s own hands and can be used to seamlessly deliver deep, targeted, massage relief in a controlled and hygienic manner. A blissful but also very safe treatment which can be made even more hygienic if the client chooses to bring their own Lava Shell to their appointment.

What’s So Special About Our Shells Range?

Our genuine Tiger Clam Lava shells are hand-selected in the Philippine Islands for their unique size, shape and structural integrity. They’re sanded and polished to reveal a beautiful lustre, before being bonded and sealed to become a wonderful, hygienic massage tool.

Tiger Clam Lava Shells naturally come in a range of sizes, shapes and thicknesses which can affect their final heat temperature. Both the Tiger Clam and Cowrie shells used by Shared Beauty Secrets are collected as refuse discarded by the islanders or as they are naturally washed ashore. No animals are harmed in repurposing these shells into the unique, ergonomically shaped and non-porous massage tools they ultimately become.

Porcelain Shell
Made of the highest quality ceramic, each individual Tiger Clam Lava Shell is hand-painted to beautifully replicate the natural shell. They are all exactly the same shape and size making them the ultimate, easy to handle massage tool.
Cowrie Shell
Cowrie Shells can uniquely be incorporated to add either a Touch of Lava warmth or a cooling Glacial Chill as a wonderful addition to an existing massage treatment for the ultimate indulgent experience. Due to their exceptional contoured shape and naturally ergonomic design, they are highly recommended for use in back, neck and shoulder massages as well as to upgrade manicures, pedicures and facials.
All Shared Beauty Treatments can be further enhanced with the introduction of our sister brand of exclusive, luxurious, professional-quality Sensory Retreats consumer and trade products. The collection currently includes enchanting and indulgent body and bath oils, room and massage candles, spa at home wellbeing kits as well as self-heating products including a range of luxurious self-heating eye masks.