Shared Beauty Secrets are the exclusive trainers and distributors of Lava Shells in the UK and Ireland. We are passionate about developing and delivering world class spa experiences incorporating advanced therapeutic treatments, alongside fully accredited and industry recognised professional training courses. We are happy to be able to offer all our fully accredited training courses both online and in person. Our courses are accredited by BABTAC. You must hold an internationally recognised qualification in massage to purchase training.

About us

About us

Lava Shell Relax Online Training

A perfect introduction to Lava Shells this is a seamless massage of continuous heat utilising all areas of the porcelain Lava Shells, helping to release tension whilst also soothing away aches and pains.


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Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Online Training

Using massage techniques to suit each individual client’s needs, and in combination with the luxurious Sensory Retreats ‘Restore’ Wellbeing Oil, your client is taken on a beautiful journey, a truly head to toe indulgence.


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Online Training Trio

A perfect introduction to Lava Shells you will learn both the Lava Shells Relax and Lava Shells ThermaBliss massage. You will also learn the truly indulgent Sensory Retreats Divine Escape massage which includes a combination of luxurious sensory elements. 


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