revive retreat treat box
The Revive Retreat Treat Box - Shared Beauty Secrets

The Revive Retreat Treat Box

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The Revive Retreat Treat Box

The ultimate kit for an immersive home pampering experience

A luxurious and indulgent collection of your favourite wellbeing treats designed to help you de-stress, unwind and be kind to your mind.

This kit is a wonderful handpicked collection of wellbeing products and holistic treats curated to give you everything you need to escape and take five from the stresses of everyday life. It’s ideal for home pampering in between salon visits. 

Whenever you need to indulge in some “me-time”, reach for The Revive Retreat Box and choose your favourite ways to soothe and relax a tired body or over-anxious mind. 


  • Revive Wellbeing Oil 30ml
  • Revive Massage Candle 50g
  • Revive Twinkle Light Scented Candle 25g
  • Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks x2
  • Rose Quartz Crystal
  • Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download
  • Divine Guided Meditation Track
  • Camellia’s House Green Mint Tea Pouches x2
  • Wellbeing cards
  • Porcelain Tiger Clam Lava Shell

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All of our Retreat Treat Boxes come with the option of adding a treatment voucher to them. Please note if you are adding a treatment voucher in you will need to add the cost of your treatment on to the RRP price.