Sensory Sleep Lavender Inserts

Sensory Sleep Lavender Inserts

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Sensory Sleep Aromatic Lavender Inserts

Contains: 2 lavender filled inserts.

Immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of our lavender-infused inserts, specially crafted for use with the Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Mask. Designed to offer aromatic therapy, these inserts are your gateway to a tranquil multi sensory retreat and can also be used in conjunction with a single use self-heating insert for the added benefits of heat with the lavender aroma. 

Engage your senses with the subtle, therapeutic fragrance of lavender, known for its natural ability to aid relaxation and sleep. The luxury cushioned mask contours gracefully to your face, enhancing your relaxation experience and can additionally be used to reduce the heat sensation for those who prefer a more gentle heat experience.

Perfect for winding down after a long day, or when you simply need a moment of peace. Slide the inserts into the concealed pockets of your Sensory Sleep vegan silk eye mask for an unparalleled relaxation experience and breath in the relaxing lavender aroma.

These innovative inserts come as a pack of two and are ingeniously designed to slip into the concealed pockets of your Sensory Sleep vegan silk eye mask, offering you the flexibility to customise your relaxation experience.

Single use self-heating refillable inserts and reusable cooling gel inserts are also available to purchase.

Ingredients: Natural Lavender.

Precautions: Do not heat in the microwave. Keep dry and away from moisture to preserve the quality of the lavender infusion.

Warnings: Avoid using while wearing contact lenses or immediately after applying eye drops. Keep out of reach of babies, children, and pets. Recommended for users aged 10+. Children should only use this product under the supervision of an adult. Do not use if damaged.