Sensory Sleep Cooling Gel Inserts

Sensory Sleep Cooling Gel Inserts

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Sensory Sleep Cooling Gel Inserts

Contains: 2 reusable cooling gel inserts.

Elevate your relaxation regime with our versatile cooling gel inserts, tailored to seamlessly integrate with your Sensory Sleep Vegan Silk Mask. Experience the benefits of our gel inserts, designed to deliver cooling on the spot relief, recommended for use up to 30-minutes.

Cooling Relief:

Unveil the secret to refreshing relaxation. Chill the gel inserts in the fridge for 30-60 minutes or until desired temperature is achieved and enjoy a soothing cool sensation that revives and rejuvenates, lasting up to 30 minutes. Ideal for the warmer months or whenever you seek a serene escape from tension. May also help reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. 

Reusable & Durable:

Our cooling gel inserts are designed for long term use, with each insert delivering up to 30 minutes of cooling relief. Simply place them back in the fridge after each use and they will be ready for your next relaxation session. Made from high quality materials, our inserts are durable and can withstand repeated use without losing their cooling properties.

These innovative inserts come as a pack of two and are ingeniously designed to slip into the concealed pockets of your Sensory Sleep vegan silk eye mask, offering you the flexibility to customise your relaxation experience.

Single use self-heating refillable inserts and reusable aromatherapy lavender wheat inserts are also available to purchase.


Do not microwave. Do not freeze. Do not use on irritated, damaged or broken skin. Keep out of reach of babies, children and pets. Recommended for users aged 10+ under supervision. Do not cut, tear or crush the gel inserts. Stop using immediately and dispose of the inserts if they become damaged. We do not recommend wearing the cooling gel pads overnight. 


Exclusively developed for us inside your Sensory Sleep eye mask. Use only as directed. Do not apply directly onto the skin. Remove the gel inserts if you experience any discomfort. If liquid from the gel insert comes into contact with your eyes or skin, rinse the area thoroughly with water.