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Sensory Retreats Revive Scented Candle 160g

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Sensory Retreats Revive Scented Candle 160g 

Revive Scented Candle with Pure Essential Aromatherapy Oils


Containing an energising and revitalising blend of pure essential aromatherapy oils of Grapefruit, Geranium and Lavender, our 100% organic vegetable wax scented room candle is ethically sourced from sustainable origins. 

Vegan-friendly and expertly crafted, the luxurious and uplifting aromas are combined with natural coconut oil. It smells just like sunshine on a rainy day, uplifting the spirits.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting and enlightening world of Sensory Retreats and take 5 minutes just for you. 

Surrender to your senses as you relax and breathe in the captivating aromas of the Revive Scented Candle. It’s like a little burst of happiness, bringing joy to your day.


Our Revive Scented Candle is made from 100% sustainably sourced, natural organic vegetable wax. It’s beautifully packaged and proudly made in small hand-crafted batches for integrity. This is a luxurious yet affordable holistic product that delivers therapeutic benefits that go far deeper than the power of smell alone.


  • Simply light your Revive Scented Candle any time you need to clear and refocus the mind
  • Use while luxuriating in the bath or to deepen your meditation practice
  • Delivers approximately 34-hours of perfectly balanced aroma to envelop your room and intoxicate the senses

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