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Sensory Retreats Divine Escape At Home Massage Training Collection

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The Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Online Training Collection-Accredited by FHT

This Online Training Course has a pre-requisite of a recognised Level 3 Body Massage with an Anatomy and Physiology unit.

Using massage techniques to suit each individual client’s needs, and in combination with the luxurious Sensory Retreats ‘Restore’ Wellbeing Oil, your client is taken on a beautiful journey, a truly head to toe indulgence.

The journey begins with a consultation and the welcome touch. This is followed by a massage using the very best techniques from around the world, finishing with a gentle awakening of the body and mind.

This bespoke heavenly journey of the senses tailored to the individual, is a full immersion of pleasure and engagement for all five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.

This involves the inhalation of the most incredible therapeutic aromas, the captivating sounds of Koshi Chimes and crystal singing bowls naturally tuned to a therapeutic vibration, the placing of a rose quartz crystal, the crystal of love, comfort and harmony and renowned for its healing and restorative properties for the mind, body and spirit, a lavender wheat eye pillow to enhance the senses and  all combined with powerfully rejuvenating massage techniques from around the world and the caring touch of your healing hands.


  •  Restore Wellbeing Oil 200ml 
  •  Rose Quartz Crystal
  •  Divine Eyes Self-Heating Eyes Mask x2
  •  Divine Escape Crystal Singing Bowls Music Download 
  •  Koshi Chime Music Download 


  • A Pdf manual designed to enhance your progressive learning techniques
  • Multiple choice assessment questions 
  • A Video tutorial guiding you through every aspect of the treatment
  • Case study documentation
  • The full support and guidance from working professionals


  • A FHT accredited certificate 
  • Links to Shared beauty Secrets marketing 
  • Access to the trade store