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Elf-Care Treat Box | Pre-Order Available September 2022 - Shared Beauty Secrets

Elf-Care Treat Box

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Elf Eyes products have been created for your younger clients ages 5+

Treat little elves everywhere to the gift of relaxation and excitement of adventure with our Elf-Care Treat Box.

The Elf-Care treat box provides the perfect balance of activities for little ones. From laying back to relax and calm their minds with the Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks, journeying through a mystical land as they immerse themselves in The Lost Wish book, to creating their own magic with their very own wish wand. 


1 x Box of 5 Sachets of Elf Eyes Self Heating Eye Mask (worth £16.50)
1 x Magic Wish Wand (worth £5.95) 
1 x The Lost Wish Book (worth £9.95)
1 x Happiness Spells and Wish Wand Instructions
1 x Sleepy Elf Meditation (worth £3.95)
1 x Lost Wish Colouring Page

In every box there is the chance to find one of our magical tickets to win wellness products or the ultimate prize – a family trip to Lapland.

RRP £32.50


Elf Eyes Self Heating Eye Masks

Experience relaxation like never before with the calming powers of Elf Eyes a Self-Heating Eye Mask that has been created to improve sleep, unwind and relax. 

Little elves everywhere will love kicking off their boots and relaxing with one of these wonderful self-heating eye masks that will transport you from the fun festivities into heavenly relaxation. 

Elf Eyes have been created for children but are suitable for the whole family. Each mask is unscented. 

Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Masks are Especially Good For: 

  • Creating a magical experience for children as the eye masks heat up when placed over the eyes  
  • Helping to calm and relax overactive minds when excitement is high 
  • Christmas Eve boxes and stocking fillers 
  • Helping the whole family relax and sleep the night before Santa comes! 


Magic Wish Wand

Magical beechwood Elfland Wish Wand for all little fairies and wizards, pixies and elves. Use it to help make dreams and well-being wishes come true, for your friends, your family and you.

Suitable for ages 5+ the Elfland Wish Wand is the perfect gift for all wannabe wizards and little elves, pixies, fairies, or anyone who believes in the power of the imagination to bring dreams and magic to life.

You can use your beautiful beechwood magic wand to bring the Elf Eyes Self-Heating Eye Mask to life, ready for a relaxing night’s sleep. Simply tap the packet 3 times with the wand as you repeat the magic words, “Elf Eyes come alive, sparkle and shine, warm up and be mine.”

To use your magical Elfland Wish Wand to cast a happy spell or make someone’s dreams come true, hold your wand upright and point it firmly in the direction of the special object or person you want to transfer your well wishes onto.

Now close your eyes tightly, use your imagination and think happy, positive thoughts. Practice makes perfect! So keep making those wishes and believing in the power of magic. 

The Lost Wish Children’s Book

The Lost Wish by Clare Anderson and Emily Jacobs, illustrated by Emma Kurran, is a tale to excite and inspire young readers everywhere.

Join Siena, her loyal loving dog Buddy, and her best friend Gabi as they inadvertently set off on a remarkable journey through a mystical land that’s filled with adventures.

Siena is a bright and brave little girl, who, one cold and wintry night, steps with Buddy and Gabi through a magical archway into Elfland. Along their journey, they encounter friendly elves, dangerous dragons, flying pixies and talking rats as they set upon an important mission to find The Lost Wish and with it, save the dreams of a thousand children.

The Lost Wish has been written for young readers aged 8+. However, it is also a wonderful book for parents, caregivers and older siblings to read together and will appeal to children of all ages.

It’s the perfect family bedtime read.


Sleepy Elf Meditation

A dreamy visualisation to help your little elf relax and unwind the body before sleep.

Meet Remi, the Sleepy Elf, as you go on a magical sleep journey together narrated by Natalie Samuel. On this guided visualisation track you’ll enjoy a tour of the Sleep Elf’s garden and meet some of their friends as you drift off to peaceful sleep.

Listen to the sounds of Natalie’s voice, wrap your arms around yourself, give yourself a gentle cuddle and enjoy a beautiful night time journey through Elfland with Remi the Sleepy Elf as you drift off quietly and peacefully into a deep but refreshing sleep.

Remi is in charge of the grand sleep secret and in charge of helping children everywhere relax, unwind and get the best quality rest possible.