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Lava Shells® are incredibly versatile massage tools that can be used anywhere and added to any treatment. With all the benefits of hot stone massage, this revolutionary technique has the added convenience of being totally portable, eco friendly and - with no steam heater - enables the therapist to maintain continual contact with the client. In its dry form, the LavaGel that the shells use is enclosed in a disposable sachet similar to a tea bag that inserts into the shell for use. The sachet is just as easily removed so that prep and clean up take only a few seconds.
●  The world's first naturally self-heating massage tool
●   All Natural self-heating technology
●   Eco friendly from start to finish
●   No electricity or equipment needed
●   Easily upgraded into any service
●   Shells generate their own heat for up to an hour
●   Promotes extreme relaxation
Absolutely brilliant! Very informative and totally different to anything I've done before. More than just a training day, it was a real experience. Stephanie Pink, Aura Health and Beauty

Very enjoyable and proud to be part of this lovely new treatment. Thank you very much for the healing and spiritual guidance. Joanna Eldred, The Lavender Rooms Day Spa Ltd

Love the shells, best massage ever trained in. Much more effective than stones and a really relaxing treatment. Love the gut work, very deep massage as well as being very relaxing. Fantastic training. Aimee Wade, Hanbury Manor Spa

Very good training covered everything, so nobody had any questions. Interesting and very informative. Can tell it will be a popular treatment and have learnt a lot. Jenni Disney, Hanbury Manor Spa

Relaxed, informative and genuine. Lovely training, pitched perfectly, well done and thank you.
Derek Walker, Clarity House of Massage

I found the training very informative as I learnt everything I needed to know in order to perform a good treatment.
Fay Pearson, Easththorpe Hall

I really enjoyed the training - very impressed with the Lava Shells®. I know I will thoroughly enjoy giving the treatments to clients. It would be great to offer a follow-up course on holistic knowledge in general. I have been carrying out hot stone massage treatments for a few years but I am now converting to Lava. Verna Tatt, Hanbury Manor Spa

I enjoyed the treatment and the massage from the Lava Shells® was very relaxing. Hathaichanok Munparn, Fortina Spa Resort

I thought the massage was amazing, quite original and therapeutic. The massage, was incredibly intuitive and easy to get along with. Tessa Hurrell, Daily Express Writer

The Lava Shell treatment is a wonderfully unique massage. The heat of the shells helped ease away all my knots and tension and left me feeling thoroughly relaxed. I will definitely be going back again! Alice Grebot, Daily Mail Writer

The treatment was amazing - one of the best I have had, and I've had a few!, the treatment, was wonderful: sensitive, intuitive and totally in tune with the energy. I loved the texture and heat of the shells, which I felt allowed for some really deep work, especially around the stomach area which often lacks this special attention in massages. I left feeling totally shifted in mind and body. Jill Cartwright, Women's Fitness Writer

The treatment went really well. I enjoyed it and thought the concept was great.
Jacqui Thornton, Ex-Health Editor of the Sun

I thought it was lovely. Lucy Hutchings, Editorial Assistant for Marie

I absolutely loved this, honestly was totally amazing. This is hands-down the best treatment I've had. it is lovely and calming from my back to my stomach.
Victoria Stewart, Evening Standard Features Writer

The treatment was excellent. The shells do a great job of warming the muscles and they feel beautifully smooth and gentle on the skin. There is also less clanking around by the therapist than there is with a traditional hot stone massage.
Nicola Moulton, Vogue Beauty Director