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HOT STUFF!! #LavaParty

What better way to celebrate Shared Beauty Secrets 5th Anniversary than with a star studded party at London’s exclusive club, Whisky Mist.

What started as an incredible discovery on a Caribbean island has grown to be one of the most successful spa stories of all time. With over 2,000 leading spas and salons in the UK & Ireland now offering Lava Shell treatments as well as Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island, it has quickly become a favourite amongst spa therapists, beauty editors, celebrities and the general public. A party was held to celebrate this success and future developments.

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Sir Richard Branson


Shared Beauty Secrets - Glacial Shell Detox Massage
"The latest development in combined heat and ice therapy giving the ultimate detox effect."

daily mail tummy treatment

The Glacial Shell Detox Massage is the ultimate development in ice therapy that targets two problem areas: the stomach and the legs, tackling congestion problem areas (such as the small and large intestine), stimulating the lymphatic system through the cold and hot massage, eliminating toxins and boosting the immune system. The massage also acts as a natural colonic and can aid weight loss.

The combination of massage and the hot and cold shells on the sensory points aids the breakdown of fatty tissues, stimulates a sluggish circulation, and moves uncomfortable build up in the digestive system. The massage is also ideal for easing emotional stress, IBS and menstrual cramps. The treatment includes legs, buttocks & stomach. It lasts for 55 minutes (the recommended RRP is £55 - £65), and during this the therapist uses one heated and one chilled shell to massage the legs and stomach using long flowing movements. The combination of hot and cold on sensory points aids the breakdown of fatty tissues, stimulates a sluggish circulation, and moves uncomfortable build up in the digestive system. water retention is banished leaving customers feeling less bloated and with a flatter stomach almost instantly.dividerDuncan Bannatyne said:
"The lava shells treatments are proving to be extremely popular at the Bannatyne Spas. They fit perfectly into our range of wellbeing and beauty treatments and the feedback from our customers has been very complimentary. The team at Shared Beauty Secrets should be commended for their innovative approach and the impact they are having on the spa market."

daily mail tummy treatmentdividerLava Shells® goes Star Gazing
Celebrities just cannot get enough of Lava Shells®! 2010 has been a year of rubbing back, neck and shoulders with the hottest artists, TV presenters and even premiership footballers at the UK’s most stylish  events.
Review by Karen Stephenson, Media Director - Cream UK Ltd
I've travelled continents indulgently feeding my treatment addiction on the way, from the USA to Asia, from Shiatsu to Swedish. Amazing to find the best treatment I've ever had by chance on my own doorstep!

The Lava Shell massage is simply phenomenal, I went to my treatment with large expectations and can honestly say they were more than fulfilled. I suffer badly from lactic acid build up in my shoulders and the continual heat and movement from the shells was sheer bliss, much better than the sporadic hot stones! My therapist spent some time working on the stomach massage, which I would normally avoid, and was able to talk me through digestive issues and unblock areas of bloating I had been experiencing.

I left with my shoulders having dropped by several inches, full rotation in my neck and a much lighter and flatter tummy - money well spent and a treatment I'll most certainly be having again!dividerFHT Lava Shell Competition Winner Sara-Louise Meyer has her say!
I went on the Lava Shell training course yesterday and it was fantastic. What a beautiful therapy to learn, I am very environmentally aware and it was so nice to be using products that were so environmentally friendly down to the packaging used for the lava gel and activator. The trainer Gemma was great she explained everything clearly and demonstrated the massage superbly. It was a beautiful therapy both to give and receive. It flowed much more than a hot stone massage in that you didn't have the distraction of clinking stones in the heater. The shells once activated retained their heat for about an hour, it is definately a treatment that could be done anywhere with no bulky equipment to transport. The shells were easy to use and once the knack of regulating the temperature of the shells was mastered, it is a very kind therapy for the therapists hands. The stomach massage was particularly good and a powerful colonic cleanse and I can see this being a great hit with clients, as you definately have a flatter stomach post treatment, as well as it being very comforting during treatment. All in all this was a fabulous prize that I thoroughly enjoyed and I can't wait to start offering this treatment to my clients. I would strongly recommend this course to everyone, it is a truely lovely therapy.
Daily Mail Treatment of the Week - The Lava Shell Tummy Massage

I’d heard good things about the Lava Shell Tummy Massage - that it provides results similar to that of colonic irrigation, but without the irrigation. Having experienced colonics before, the awkwardness wasn’t something I wanted to repeat.
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daily mail tummy treatment
dividerLava Shells® on GMTV
Lava Shells® get the seal approval from Lorraine Kelly on GMTV. In the programme’s ‘Beach Body’ feature the Lava Shells® Tummy Treatment was filmed at The Spa at The CityPoint Club in London to demonstrate to viewers how they could achieve an instant slimmed down tummy in preparation for their beach holiday.