Shared Beauty Secrets
The UKs exclusive distributor of Lava Shells®

Shared Beauty Secrets are the exclusive UK and Ireland Lava Shells® distributors, and international trainers. Since launching March 2009 Shared Beauty Secrets Body Massage can now be found in over 1500 Leading Spas and Salons, Lava Shell Massage has been voted most wanted training by Salon’s and Spa’s and has been dubbed “ the new hot stones by Vogue”. Lava Shell coverage can be found in all national magazines and papers and has a great celebrity following.

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    Salons and Spas

    Lava Shell massage can be found in a selection of Leading Spa’s and Salons and we have also a great selection of home and mobile therapists. All spas and salons have to be qualified beauty therapists, and attend a graduate Shared Beauty Secrets training day, before becoming a registered Lava Shells® account.

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    About Lava Shells

    The lava shell is a 100% natural tiger clam shell. It is sourced in the Philipines and is collected from a a food waste product. This not only provides food but also jobs for the local industry on the island. The locals prepare the shell for use in massage by sand polishing them in to a smooth tool and glueing them back together.

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    Online Training Package

    Shared Beauty Secrets embraces the digital age with the launch of the Lava Shells® Online Training Package. The Lava Shell Back massage uses the gentle heat of the shells, along with the therapists hands, to release tension and melt away aches and pains. An innovation in warming spa therapies that delivers a soothing and calming treatment.

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